2018: An 11 Year….The Year of the Spiritual Messenger by Karen Goodson

Are we AT the Eleventh Hour?

A new year has arrived….2018….an ELEVEN Universal Year!  The Year of the Spiritual Messenger.  Visionary or Day Dreamer…the lessons will be about balancing physical and emotional partnerships and relationships…….at a global level.

There is so much to say about an Eleven year!  Although each of us has our OWN personal year ( birthday to birthday)  we ARE also affected by the energy of our Universal Year.  This year, the Eleven, is a Master  Number year.  If you know anything about numerology, or have read any of my past blog,  stories, you understand that our numbers are added together and reduced to a single digit…UNLESS…as you are adding them together…the equal a Master Number (11, 22, 33, 44, etc)

All of the Master Numbers indicate an opportunity for learning and integrating spiritual information.  This learning, however, comes through trials, tests or stressful circumstances.  The bottom line is, if you are using spiritual philosophical, universal or metaphysical principals…you are operating at the Master Level number, which we consider working the higher vibration of the Master Number.

Anytime a Master Number is in operation, there is a natural spiritual affinity guiding humanity to find its place in our world of violence, negativity, materialism, and personal gratifications.  When doing so, it can bring much needed knowledge to a soul-weary world.  At the same time, it is not easy  to always walk in the Master Number energy in our world.  It may be very difficult emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Master Numbers have a higher vibration. The drive of a Master Number is perfection and to live in a heightened state of awareness, which means  it might be difficult  to accept what is seen.  The master numbers have been called “testing” numbers, where life seems to be a series of tests to live up to, so that they can demonstrate all that they know and have the potential to be.

In an Eleven Year you can expect Karmic retribution against unjust systems and intolerance.  Those that choose to use power harmfully will feel the whiplash effect ( what you put out comes back ten fold, remember?!)

The Global energy forces us to look at the peacemaker, mediator, peace and harmony will be necessary for health and well being.  Much will be exposed and truth will rise up, with many more able to see both sides of the situation (which can make it a challenge to make a decision or take a side). We will be called upon to settle disputes, solve problems, enter partnerships and express truths that may not have been seen before.  Decisions made globally will have far reaching effects.

An Eleven year brings light to humanity, and it is also called The Illuminator.  At its Master level energy we will see hidden things be revealed and called to face the consequences.   The 11/2 calls us to look at relationships from a global level.  This year in particular it is important to understand that the words you speak, the decisions you  make  have far reaching consequences.  Pay attention to relationships at ALL levels, personal, work all the way up to the decisions being made at a city, state, national and global level.

During MASTER NUMBER ELEVEN years we see big events happen in the political arena (revolutions leading to civil war; Monarchy abolished in Portugal in favor of Republic; Barak Obama first black President of United States inaugurated, etc ) AND with major unusual weather events ( past ELEVEN years have had record setting earthquakes and weather events.)  As we are already seeing some unusual winter weather set to hit the east coast THIS month…..we have also seen how the LIGHT can reveal things of darkness (Former Nazi death camp guard John Demjanjuk extradited from US to face trial in Germany; Wall Street financier Bernie Madoff jailed for 150 years….in an ELEVEN year)

Is this a Divine intervention?  A Divine plan to encourage humanity to be more sensitive to the needs of others, more compassionate? Is it designed to have us seek cooperation, compromise and harmony?

Is this ELEVEN Year here to remind us that we may BE at the ELEVENTH HOUR…and that it is time to look into the Eyes of another and see your reflection mirrored back to you!  There are no accidents.  Every relationship, every person that crosses your path does so for a reason.  Pay attention this year, and take a step back to look at the big picture.

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