July, the seventh month! What better time to talk about the Mystical Number SEVEN Birth Path! Firecrackers and lots of heat!

Ask someone what their favorite or lucky NUMBER is, most likely the answer will be SEVEN!  Just what is it about this mystical number that draws so much interest?

Your cool, hypnotic presence draws others in and they don’t know what hit them!  They are curious about your mysterious ways, you look so sweet and innocent, but many wounds are still healing from the verbal barbs you are able to throw.

Your eyes see through the masks, and into the truth of another’s spirit.  But it is your secret to keep.  That, however, can make it challenging to be in relationship with you.  You know what your partner is thinking, you know how they feel….WHY OH WHY CAN THEY NOT UNDERSTAND YOU DEAR SEVEN!?  Because they probably do not have the intuitive sense that you do.

Helping your partner understand some things about your SEVEN BIRTH PATH may help to pave the way…at least a little ( you are far too complicated for an easy explanation)

SEVEN’s need Personal Space:  That means long hugs are OUT, unless they initiate….and they WON’T!

SEVEN’s are attracted to Brains, not Brawn:  If you want to capture a Seven’s heart, sit down and listen to them and ask thought provoking questions.  They love deep conversations.

SEVEN’s are Psychic:  Yes, you heard me!   Call it intuition, a gut feeling, they may not even acknowledge that they know things are going to happen before they happen…but they do, and they ARE capable in developing their empathetic, intuitive nature to an amazing depth.

SEVEN’s need time ALONE:  Don’t take it personally, it’s not about you…it never was!   SEVEN’s mind is very active and they MUST have time ‘in the cave,’  alone time to think and process all of the data, feelings, emotions they were exposed to during the day.

SEVEN’s get OVER STIMULATED:  Although they are a lot of fun, and can hang with the best of them, too much noise (like a TV blaring while people are carrying on multiple conversations) will be like fingernails on a chalkboard to the spirit of a SEVEN. A more intimate setting with close friends would be preferred.

SEVEN’s don’t TRUST easily:  Be patient with them, your trust has to be earned.  They are spiritual, deep thinkers who find it difficult to share their feelings.  Create a safe space and never, ever lie to a SEVEN!

Are you a Mystical Seven?  Are you attracted to a Seven?  It’s easy to figure out!

Write down your Birthday in numeric form: Month + Day + their full birth year, then add them all together.  Keep adding the numbers until you have reduced it to a single number.  (EXAMPLE: February 10,  1984 is written as :

2  +  10  +  (1 + 9 + 8 + 4 = 22 ) or  2  +  10  +  22  =  34   then add 3 + 4 = 7

So, roll the dice.  Step into the Cool Heat of the Mystical Seven!  You won’t regret it!



Alternative & Holistic Fair at Best Western North, 915 E 53rd St. North, Wichita KS Friday July 28th  3 pm to 7 pm,  Saturday July 29th 10 am to 7 pm,  and                                 Sunday July 30th 10 am to 5 pm

Lawrence Metaphysical Fair at DoubleTree by Hilton, 200 McDonald Dr. Lawrence KS Saturday, August 19th 10 am to 7 pm and Sunday, August 20th  10 am to 6 pm

Into the Mystic, 5727 Johnson Dr. Mission KS   Saturday, August 26th  10 am to 2 pm


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