The Soul Contract

Your Soul Contract revealed through your numbers!

Sitting in the ethers among our Soul Family, contemplating our next incarnation, we are asked by our Soul family a questions.  “What is it you would like your Soul to accomplish in this next lifetime?”   Your answer then is blessed by your Soul family and becomes your Soul contract for this incarnation.  I believe, through Numerology, we are able to ‘read’ your Soul Contract, to help you have a clearer vision of your life purpose, destiny, strengths and challenges.

Recently I had the honor of being a reader at the Lawrence Metaphysical Fair, where a number of individuals trusted me enough to let me look behind the veil, and read their numbers.  The Soul Contract, their commitment to this particular life, was laid before them through the process of a few calculations and my ability to tap in and see how all the numbers fit together.

A few of the contracts brought me to tears as I read their numbers and saw the pain, depression, abuse and struggles they had walked through.  Hopefully I was able to shed some light on the struggles as a way of confirmation and help them realize their great depth of love and compassion and show them by their numbers where they can and have tapped into their strengths and successes.

For others, their numbers pointed a definite direction to take in their career.  Other’s revealed moves and relationship changes they were contemplating or had just recently made, and tears of confirmation rolled from both sides of the table.

As a numerologist, I look at many different layers of your numbers, the most important being your actual day of birth and your full name at birth.  With this information we can see your Birth Path (sometimes called your Life Path);  your Soul number (sometimes called your hearts desire number – and tells us aspects of you that you do not always show to others); your Personality Number (or how others see you) and your Destiny Number.  I also look to see where you are in your personal year cycles, and coach you on how you may use the strengths that show up in your four primary numbers of your Soul contract/chart to successfully maneuver the particular cycle you find yourself in.

As our life moves through our various NINE year cycles, over and over again…from birth to death, we come to realize that we have an opportunity to LOOK at our current years cycle  numerologicaly, and look back nine years to see what kinds of energy we might expect in this current year.  Only THIS time, we SEE the train coming!  We are more aware of what this particular cycle will bring!  You still have free will.  You can stand there and let the train smack you in the face, you can step off the tracks or you can jump on the train.  The cycle will show up regardless, and THIS time you have an advanced notice it is coming, and can choose how to move through it.

With knowledge comes strength!  Stand strong with the knowledge of your cycles, and ride the waves!



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