And So It Begins – Stepping into 2017


Whew!  Finally, 2016 is behind us and time to start anew!  It seems that 2016 ( which was a Universal 9 year of endings) has been a challenge for many of us.  Relationships ending, jobs ending, loved ones passing on to the other side and we won’t even mention the political arena!  Take a deep breath and inhale the energy of a ONE year!

Regardless of your Personal Year number, the Universal year WILL have an influence over your life for the next 12 months.   Many people find strength in the One year that they did not realize they had, or had not tapped into in a long time.  A ONE year brings with it a newness, a time of new beginnings, possibilities, opportunities!   It is a creative, idea inspiring time that will be what I call an over-lay for the next 12 months.

Sooooo….what does 2008 have to do with stepping into the year 2017?  They are BOTH considered ONE years.   When I am doing a reading, I always ask my clients to look back 9 years, so for most of us right now that would be reviewing 2007 from the time of your birthday in 2016 up until your birthday of 2017 you were/are having an opportunity to relive things that happened nine years ago….and make new or different decisions on how to deal with the things presented to you.

Life cycles back around every nine years.   You will find great insight into your life if you sit down sometime and do a timeline.   If you want to get a preview of what is in store for you in 2017, look back at 1972…1981…1990…1999…2008.  Those are the years that numerologically you were in the same personal year as you will be in starting with your Birthday in 2017.

There are no GOOD or BAD numbers.  There are, however, years that have been easy or hard for us.  I have always felt it best to know when something is coming my way so I can be better prepared.  In looking back at 2008, for me for example, there were some major life changes happening for me with my career and my husbands health.  As I quickly approach my March birthday I am already seeing the influences from 2008 presenting themselves.   I walk into 2017 better prepared for what I am about to face and armed with the experience that the 2008 time frame brought.

Calculate your Birth Path ( Month and Day of Birth plus the year of your last birthday: example Feb 10 2016 would be 2 + 1 + 0 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 12….reduce to a single number by adding 1 + 2 =3 so this person would be under a 3 influence up until their birthday of 2017)

Until next time, walk into 2017 with your eyes wide open!  Do not be bound by the fear of the experiences of the past!  Instead, see the life lessons that you overcame, the opportunities presented to you and the relationships you nurtured and make wise choices.  Trust your inner guidance and don’t  forget to ask your Guides!

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The “Foretelling” of 2017

December 25th is quickly approaching! The energy around the world is LARGE on that day, so I started wondering what the numbers were for that particular day and found much more than I had anticipated!

December 25th is calculated as by adding up the numbers 12 25 2016 which adds to 19.  Add the 1 + 9 to get 10 which, when reduced, is the number 1  ( still with me??)   So the DAY of December 25th, 2016 has a planetary influence of the number ONE.

ONE is about new beginnings.  It is a day of creation, new ideas.   What I found most interesting is that December 25, regardless of the year….FORETELLS what the universal year will be for the year that is coming up!!  Yes indeed…2017  will be a ONE year ( I will blog about that soon!)

Curious creature that I am  ( 28/10)  I started looking at December 25th date for past and future years.   I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that Christmas Day each year predicts the ENERGY of the coming year.

For me it confirms the Omnipresent finger showing how it all ties together, the recognized day of birth of a Spiritual Master, one who was called a Way Shower…using this day to point to Vibration of the upcoming year.


There are many different theories when it comes to calculating numbers in Numerology.  I am most fond of the Pythagorean theory on numbers.  Pythagoras, a 6th century b.c.e. Greek mathematician and mystic is thought of as the Father of Mathematics .   Based on his theory that nature is a set of numerical relationships, that divine law is defined and ac curate, and that all of this can be computed through mathematics, he developed the ‘Science of Names and Numbers’.  He is also responsible for the first known exploration of musical harmony and his concept is called “The Music of the Spheres”.   We will definitely explore that more in future blogs!

To calculate your PERSONAL YEAR   add together the month of your birth + the day of your birth + the current year  ( if you have had your birthday already this year…if not then you will add 2015 instead of 2016).   A Personal Year goes from BIRTHDAY to BIRTHDAY.  Once you have added together your day and month of birth plus the year, keep adding the numbers until you reduce it to a single digit.  ( Example:  May 9 2016 = 5+9+2+0+1+6 = 23    now add the 2 + 3 to get a 5 personal year)


1 personal year –  Creative, a time of new beginnings

2 personal year – Cooperation, sensitivity and relationships

3 personal year – Speaking your truth, expressing yourself

4 personal year – Hard work and productivity

5 personal year – Change, travel, unpredictability

6 personal year – A time to focus on family, harmony, nurturing

7 personal year – Going in the Cave – a time  of inner reflection

8 personal year – Achievement, work dominates

9 personal year – Wrap up loose ends, release things that no longer serve you



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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year







Rhythms of Life – Numbers by Karen

Discovering Numerology, my personal story

Discovering Numerology

Hi and welcome to my Blog! I am often asked how I became interested in Numerology so I thought it would be fun to start things off with a little journey down memory lane!

Some of you may remember a time called “The Harmonic Conversion”, it was 1987 and a very powerful, spiritual time to be walking the planet.   As a person who was born with the gift of Clairvoyance and Clairaudience, I had always had a deep spiritual side.  When I was a child, I remember doing my older sisters algebra, because it was fun…like finding a mystery or figuring out a puzzle.   Over the years I lost my interest in math and actually avoided it when possible at school!  Actually hated it!

In 1985 and 1986 I had a health situation caused by a combination of food allergies and a rare side affect to a medication I was on.   It cause a type of amnesia and I exhibited some traits similar to early dementia.  I developed a weird ‘tick’ as a self comforting measure….counting.   I counted everything….the people, the lights, the switches, the circles on the rug……what ever I could see.  It calmed me and helped me feel like I still had one foot in the world of reality.   When a misdiagnosis of …We THINK you have….and get your house in order….. came through….well… I was guided to make some health dietary changes that lead me back to myself.   I still call them my lost years and I am slowly picking up pieces of those two years.

That spiritual awaken of 1987 moved me through a time of self discover and led me to my first Numerologist.  At the time I lived in Denver Colorado.  A friend and I had been studying several mystical topics together.  One day she dragged me to a place called ‘The Colorado Psychic Institute’ where she insisted I meet a man who would “do my numbers”.  I was skeptical at best.

Armed with only his pencil and a sheet of paper, he asked me a few questions like my date of birth and my name on my birth certificate,  did a few calculations, and in minutes revealed my private thoughts, secret fears, hopes and dreams.   I was intrigued.  The next began my studies at the institute, and the day I bought my first Numerology books.  I have been studying and building my library every since.

For me, when I read the numbers of your birth…especially in combination with the name of your birth…it is like seeing/hearing/feeling a song, a song of your Soul that tells me the inner keys, paths and road blocks on your journey.   Your numbers talk to me in a very deep way and it is my great and humbling honor to share the information with you.