My name is Karen Goodson.  As a student of Numerology, a Metaphysician, Clairvoyant and Clairaudient, I consider the study of Numerology a life long quest.  Although I have studied for over 30 years, I continue to uncover deeper layers that the Numbers seem to answer.  Information comes to me through books, through dreams, from my Guides and through meditation.

Numerology is Historic, in that it can see, just by your birthday and name at birth, what your strengths are, your challenges, how you approach relationships, money, addictions, communication and so much more.

Numerology is predictive in that it helps you gain an understanding of the cycle you are in, and guide you in making decisions.  Is this the best time to start a new business, or end a career;  should I pop the question or walk away from the relationship; what is the best month to plan that big vacation……

Why should you consult a Numerologist?                                                                                    Because we can see through the masks, the numbers do not hide the truth of who you are, what you are capable of, where you have opportunities to grow.

What types of Charts do you Prepare?

The cost depends on the TYPE of chart you request.  My method is old school.  I do NOT plug a few numbers and letters into a computer and let it spit out a printed paper for you to read.  I calculate by hand, and type and prepare a personal chart for you.  The amount of time for a chart varies but to give you an example, a Life/Birth Path review is usually done in person or on the phone and can take me five minutes to calculate and about 20 to 30 minutes to explain.  A Life/Birth Path plus Destiny/Name can take me 10 minutes to calculate and another half an hour to hour to go over with you.   A full natal chart or Year at a glance usually takes me 10 to 20 HOURS and more complex charts like a compatibility chart ( which actually is like doing 3 charts – each person and then combining) takes 20 to 40 hours to prepare.  As a clairaudient and clairvoyant, I let the numbers take me on a journey.  I calculate many different ways, always looking for the Master Numbers, Pinnacles and Challenges and the Karmic Debt numbers.  If I see a pattern, or sense that there is something I need to look even more deeply then I may pull in my Destiny Cards or review the planetary influence or even the Tarot.

**Life Path/Birth Path – based on your birthday, I look at your strengths and the cycle you are currently experiencing.  For example….is this the best time to change jobs?   Is it a good time for a move….a new relationship?   What will this year bring?

**Basic Birth Path/Name Review – based on birthday/Birth Path and name at birth/Destiny Number, we look at the path you have walked up to this point in  your life.  We explore the Soul Number, or who you are inside that others may not see.  We look at your Personality Number, or how others view you.  We also discuss the areas of challenge and opportunities and the cycles you have experienced in the last nine years.

**A Year at a Glance:  Includes the Basic Birth Path and Destiny chart plus a year long predictive chart of the energies you will be facing in the next 12 months. 

**Infant Chart – What Shall We Name the Baby – we review the energy of the possible names to see what strengths and challenges each name brings. 

**Private Consultation – this can mean many things, most often it is to look at a situation someone is having in their life, look at the number influences, look at past cycles, and possible ways to soften the energy of a situation.

To discuss the type of chart best for you feel free to email me at RhythmsofLIFE.numbers@yahoo.com or submit a request through “CONTACT” sheet.


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