2018: An 11 Year….The Year of the Spiritual Messenger by Karen Goodson

Are we AT the Eleventh Hour?

A new year has arrived….2018….an ELEVEN Universal Year!  The Year of the Spiritual Messenger.  Visionary or Day Dreamer…the lessons will be about balancing physical and emotional partnerships and relationships…….at a global level.

There is so much to say about an Eleven year!  Although each of us has our OWN personal year ( birthday to birthday)  we ARE also affected by the energy of our Universal Year.  This year, the Eleven, is a Master  Number year.  If you know anything about numerology, or have read any of my past blog,  stories, you understand that our numbers are added together and reduced to a single digit…UNLESS…as you are adding them together…the equal a Master Number (11, 22, 33, 44, etc)

All of the Master Numbers indicate an opportunity for learning and integrating spiritual information.  This learning, however, comes through trials, tests or stressful circumstances.  The bottom line is, if you are using spiritual philosophical, universal or metaphysical principals…you are operating at the Master Level number, which we consider working the higher vibration of the Master Number.

Anytime a Master Number is in operation, there is a natural spiritual affinity guiding humanity to find its place in our world of violence, negativity, materialism, and personal gratifications.  When doing so, it can bring much needed knowledge to a soul-weary world.  At the same time, it is not easy  to always walk in the Master Number energy in our world.  It may be very difficult emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Master Numbers have a higher vibration. The drive of a Master Number is perfection and to live in a heightened state of awareness, which means  it might be difficult  to accept what is seen.  The master numbers have been called “testing” numbers, where life seems to be a series of tests to live up to, so that they can demonstrate all that they know and have the potential to be.

In an Eleven Year you can expect Karmic retribution against unjust systems and intolerance.  Those that choose to use power harmfully will feel the whiplash effect ( what you put out comes back ten fold, remember?!)

The Global energy forces us to look at the peacemaker, mediator, peace and harmony will be necessary for health and well being.  Much will be exposed and truth will rise up, with many more able to see both sides of the situation (which can make it a challenge to make a decision or take a side). We will be called upon to settle disputes, solve problems, enter partnerships and express truths that may not have been seen before.  Decisions made globally will have far reaching effects.

An Eleven year brings light to humanity, and it is also called The Illuminator.  At its Master level energy we will see hidden things be revealed and called to face the consequences.   The 11/2 calls us to look at relationships from a global level.  This year in particular it is important to understand that the words you speak, the decisions you  make  have far reaching consequences.  Pay attention to relationships at ALL levels, personal, work all the way up to the decisions being made at a city, state, national and global level.

During MASTER NUMBER ELEVEN years we see big events happen in the political arena (revolutions leading to civil war; Monarchy abolished in Portugal in favor of Republic; Barak Obama first black President of United States inaugurated, etc ) AND with major unusual weather events ( past ELEVEN years have had record setting earthquakes and weather events.)  As we are already seeing some unusual winter weather set to hit the east coast THIS month…..we have also seen how the LIGHT can reveal things of darkness (Former Nazi death camp guard John Demjanjuk extradited from US to face trial in Germany; Wall Street financier Bernie Madoff jailed for 150 years….in an ELEVEN year)

Is this a Divine intervention?  A Divine plan to encourage humanity to be more sensitive to the needs of others, more compassionate? Is it designed to have us seek cooperation, compromise and harmony?

Is this ELEVEN Year here to remind us that we may BE at the ELEVENTH HOUR…and that it is time to look into the Eyes of another and see your reflection mirrored back to you!  There are no accidents.  Every relationship, every person that crosses your path does so for a reason.  Pay attention this year, and take a step back to look at the big picture.

A TIME OF ENDINGS – the NINE Year by Karen Goodson

Ah, the NINE year, the close of a cycle. In the Numerology system that I practice, I look at cycles of Nine, each year resonating with a particular number starting with One-new beginnings and moving through each year until the completion year of Nine for that particular cycle. I am personally in a Nine year myself, as are quite a few of those closest to me. For me, I am closing out my seventh NINE year cycle…as I quickly approach my 63rd year of birth.

Lets look at the power of the Nine year. Often…. when I tell people that they are in a Nine year, and describe the opportunities the year offers, I see a little fear in their eyes. After all, who wants to think about endings, of any kind. But with the wisdom my seven cycles of Nine have presented….l want to speak to the power of releasing, and all that the Nine year can hold for you…. if you embrace it, rather than resist it!

A Nine year represents Endings ( even the word itself adds up to Nine! E/5 + N/5 + D/4 + I/9 + N/5 + G/7 +S/1 = 36…..3 + 6 = 9) It is a time to release those things, people, habits, belongings, thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you. Often I see people change jobs, end relationships, move, or make other life impacting decisions during a nine year. I have been blessed. I know the cycles and embrace the details of my 8 year to prepare for my Nine year. Mind you, I am not saying a Nine year is easy! But if you embrace it, you can close out the year feeling like a ton of pressure has been taken off your shoulders.

Remember the power of your words! The magnetic energy they have to call forth that which you speak! If you have been speaking over and over for the last year how much you hate your job, your relationship, etc. etc…. you have the opportunity during this time to close out those relationships. The power of the Universe, when working with the numerical cycles is this….if you speak it into creation (through the power, energy, emotion and repetition we humans often use) …and do not act on it, be prepared for the Cosmic two by four to smack you in the backside and make it ( WHAT EVER IT may be) HAPPEN! You WILL be pushed into a place to make the decision, or it will be made for you. The same holds with relationships.

Knowing this ( as my truth anyway) I approach my Nine years with Reverence. I see it as an opportunity to ask the Universe to remove unhealthy habits from my life. ( this particular Nine year cycle my body has chosen to release most animal products like chicken, pork, etc from my body. I have not eaten red meat for over 30 years….I asked for my body to be healthy and to release those items that no longer served me….boy….has it!)

Looking back over my previous Nine year cycles I can see that those were the years that I left jobs, divorced, lost someone I loved, moved and had other major life changes….and the benefit of being able to look BACK is that I can now see how they all served for my highest good. To move me OUT of a STUCK place, and into a place of creation!

With each year we also have cycles within cycles…kind of like waves that hit at 3 months after your birthday, a bigger wave at 6 months after your birthday, and a feeling things are starting to fall into place around 9 months after your birthday as you prepare for what will come for your next personal year.

To see what Personal year you are currently in…add your birth month plus your birth day plus the current year. For example March 23 2017 would be 3 + 2 + 3 + 2 +0 + 1 + 7 = 18 1+8=9

Do not fear your Nine Year of Endings. Release those things in your life that no longer serve you, no longer bring you joy as you prepare to enter your next amazing cycle! Release the mantle of worrying about those things you can not control. Give love to those beings in your life who may be wrapping up their time on our planet. For your NEXT birthday will be a ONE year and a time of New Beginnings!

Affirmation: I release and let go of those people, places, things, habits and desires that no longer serve my highest good. I have completed my karmic obligation to them and I am now free!

(Karen is available for private readings.  Email rhythmsoflife.numbers@yahoo.com for more info.

The Soul Contract

Your Soul Contract revealed through your numbers!

Sitting in the ethers among our Soul Family, contemplating our next incarnation, we are asked by our Soul family a questions.  “What is it you would like your Soul to accomplish in this next lifetime?”   Your answer then is blessed by your Soul family and becomes your Soul contract for this incarnation.  I believe, through Numerology, we are able to ‘read’ your Soul Contract, to help you have a clearer vision of your life purpose, destiny, strengths and challenges.

Recently I had the honor of being a reader at the Lawrence Metaphysical Fair, where a number of individuals trusted me enough to let me look behind the veil, and read their numbers.  The Soul Contract, their commitment to this particular life, was laid before them through the process of a few calculations and my ability to tap in and see how all the numbers fit together.

A few of the contracts brought me to tears as I read their numbers and saw the pain, depression, abuse and struggles they had walked through.  Hopefully I was able to shed some light on the struggles as a way of confirmation and help them realize their great depth of love and compassion and show them by their numbers where they can and have tapped into their strengths and successes.

For others, their numbers pointed a definite direction to take in their career.  Other’s revealed moves and relationship changes they were contemplating or had just recently made, and tears of confirmation rolled from both sides of the table.

As a numerologist, I look at many different layers of your numbers, the most important being your actual day of birth and your full name at birth.  With this information we can see your Birth Path (sometimes called your Life Path);  your Soul number (sometimes called your hearts desire number – and tells us aspects of you that you do not always show to others); your Personality Number (or how others see you) and your Destiny Number.  I also look to see where you are in your personal year cycles, and coach you on how you may use the strengths that show up in your four primary numbers of your Soul contract/chart to successfully maneuver the particular cycle you find yourself in.

As our life moves through our various NINE year cycles, over and over again…from birth to death, we come to realize that we have an opportunity to LOOK at our current years cycle  numerologicaly, and look back nine years to see what kinds of energy we might expect in this current year.  Only THIS time, we SEE the train coming!  We are more aware of what this particular cycle will bring!  You still have free will.  You can stand there and let the train smack you in the face, you can step off the tracks or you can jump on the train.  The cycle will show up regardless, and THIS time you have an advanced notice it is coming, and can choose how to move through it.

With knowledge comes strength!  Stand strong with the knowledge of your cycles, and ride the waves!



Peeling the Onion

As a Numerologist for over 30 years, it is hard for me to look at any situation without seeing below the multiple layers presented.  Much like peeling an onion, beneath the dry crispy shell lies a juicy, complex story that often brings tears.

As my clients become more and more comfortable digging through the layers, I often see them trying calculations of their own and excitedly calling me with their revelations!

One such client, D.T., has been a regular for over seven years.  It started simply enough, removing the crispy shell of the onion to review her Birth Path and the Life Cycle.  She wanted clarity on a work situation and the relationship she was in at the time.

As the years progressed, so too did the calculations; understanding her children’s Birth Path, should she or shouldn’t she pursue a certain relationship, job changes, home investments and on and on.

More recently we not only reviewed her relationship combination chart, but we also looked at the cycles of her Honey’s business relationships to see how it might affect her and his relationship, and how his business partner would be affected by some decisions her Love was contemplating. Big Life choice decisions.

The numbers reveal so very much, but it is always up to the individual to decide just ‘how to use the information revealed’.

Don’t be afraid to peel back the layers.


And So It Begins – Stepping into 2017


Whew!  Finally, 2016 is behind us and time to start anew!  It seems that 2016 ( which was a Universal 9 year of endings) has been a challenge for many of us.  Relationships ending, jobs ending, loved ones passing on to the other side and we won’t even mention the political arena!  Take a deep breath and inhale the energy of a ONE year!

Regardless of your Personal Year number, the Universal year WILL have an influence over your life for the next 12 months.   Many people find strength in the One year that they did not realize they had, or had not tapped into in a long time.  A ONE year brings with it a newness, a time of new beginnings, possibilities, opportunities!   It is a creative, idea inspiring time that will be what I call an over-lay for the next 12 months.

Sooooo….what does 2008 have to do with stepping into the year 2017?  They are BOTH considered ONE years.   When I am doing a reading, I always ask my clients to look back 9 years, so for most of us right now that would be reviewing 2007 from the time of your birthday in 2016 up until your birthday of 2017 you were/are having an opportunity to relive things that happened nine years ago….and make new or different decisions on how to deal with the things presented to you.

Life cycles back around every nine years.   You will find great insight into your life if you sit down sometime and do a timeline.   If you want to get a preview of what is in store for you in 2017, look back at 1972…1981…1990…1999…2008.  Those are the years that numerologically you were in the same personal year as you will be in starting with your Birthday in 2017.

There are no GOOD or BAD numbers.  There are, however, years that have been easy or hard for us.  I have always felt it best to know when something is coming my way so I can be better prepared.  In looking back at 2008, for me for example, there were some major life changes happening for me with my career and my husbands health.  As I quickly approach my March birthday I am already seeing the influences from 2008 presenting themselves.   I walk into 2017 better prepared for what I am about to face and armed with the experience that the 2008 time frame brought.

Calculate your Birth Path ( Month and Day of Birth plus the year of your last birthday: example Feb 10 2016 would be 2 + 1 + 0 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 12….reduce to a single number by adding 1 + 2 =3 so this person would be under a 3 influence up until their birthday of 2017)

Until next time, walk into 2017 with your eyes wide open!  Do not be bound by the fear of the experiences of the past!  Instead, see the life lessons that you overcame, the opportunities presented to you and the relationships you nurtured and make wise choices.  Trust your inner guidance and don’t  forget to ask your Guides!


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Rhythms of Life – Numbers by Karen

Discovering Numerology, my personal story

Discovering Numerology

Hi and welcome to my Blog! I am often asked how I became interested in Numerology so I thought it would be fun to start things off with a little journey down memory lane!

Some of you may remember a time called “The Harmonic Conversion”, it was 1987 and a very powerful, spiritual time to be walking the planet.   As a person who was born with the gift of Clairvoyance and Clairaudience, I had always had a deep spiritual side.  When I was a child, I remember doing my older sisters algebra, because it was fun…like finding a mystery or figuring out a puzzle.   Over the years I lost my interest in math and actually avoided it when possible at school!  Actually hated it!

In 1985 and 1986 I had a health situation caused by a combination of food allergies and a rare side affect to a medication I was on.   It cause a type of amnesia and I exhibited some traits similar to early dementia.  I developed a weird ‘tick’ as a self comforting measure….counting.   I counted everything….the people, the lights, the switches, the circles on the rug……what ever I could see.  It calmed me and helped me feel like I still had one foot in the world of reality.   When a misdiagnosis of …We THINK you have….and get your house in order….. came through….well… I was guided to make some health dietary changes that lead me back to myself.   I still call them my lost years and I am slowly picking up pieces of those two years.

That spiritual awaken of 1987 moved me through a time of self discover and led me to my first Numerologist.  At the time I lived in Denver Colorado.  A friend and I had been studying several mystical topics together.  One day she dragged me to a place called ‘The Colorado Psychic Institute’ where she insisted I meet a man who would “do my numbers”.  I was skeptical at best.

Armed with only his pencil and a sheet of paper, he asked me a few questions like my date of birth and my name on my birth certificate,  did a few calculations, and in minutes revealed my private thoughts, secret fears, hopes and dreams.   I was intrigued.  The next began my studies at the institute, and the day I bought my first Numerology books.  I have been studying and building my library every since.

For me, when I read the numbers of your birth…especially in combination with the name of your birth…it is like seeing/hearing/feeling a song, a song of your Soul that tells me the inner keys, paths and road blocks on your journey.   Your numbers talk to me in a very deep way and it is my great and humbling honor to share the information with you.