A TIME OF ENDINGS -Exploring the 9 Year by Karen Goodson

Ah, the NINE year, the close of a cycle.   In the Numerology system that I practice, I look at cycles of Nine, each year resonating with a particular number starting with One-new beginnings and moving through each year until the completion year of Nine for that particular cycle.  I am personally in a Nine year myself, as are quite a few of those closest to me.  For me, I am closing out my seventh NINE year cycle…as I quickly approach my 63rd year of birth.

Lets look at the power of the Nine year.  Often…. when I tell people that they are in a Nine year, and describe the opportunities the year offers, I see a little fear in their eyes.  After all, who wants to think about endings, of any kind.  But with the wisdom my seven cycles of Nine have presented….l want to speak to the power of releasing, and all that the Nine year can hold for you…. if you embrace it, rather than resist it!

A Nine year represents Endings ( even the word itself adds up to Nine!  E/5 + N/5 + D/4 + I/9 + N/5 + G/7 +S/1 = 36…..3 + 6 = 9)   It is a time to release those things, people, habits, belongings, thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you.   Often I see people change jobs, end relationships, move, or make other life impacting decisions during a nine year.   I have been blessed.  I know the cycles and embrace the details of my 8 year to prepare for my Nine year.  Mind you, I am not saying a Nine year is easy!   But if you embrace it, you can close out the year feeling like a ton of pressure has been taken off your shoulders.

Remember the power of your words!  The magnetic energy they have to call forth that which you speak!   If you have been speaking over and over for the last year how much you hate your job, your relationship, etc. etc…. you have the opportunity during this time to close out those relationships.  The power of the Universe, when working with the numerical cycles is this….if you speak it into creation (through the power, energy, emotion and repetition we humans often use) …and do not act on it, be prepared for the Cosmic two by four to smack you in the backside and make it ( WHAT EVER IT may be) HAPPEN!  You WILL be pushed into a place to make the decision, or it will be made for you.  The same holds with relationships.

Knowing this ( as my truth anyway)  I approach my Nine years with Reverence.  I see it as an opportunity to ask the Universe to remove unhealthy habits from my life.  ( this particular Nine year cycle my body has chosen to release most animal products like chicken, pork, etc from my body.  I have not eaten red meat for over 30 years….I asked for my body to be healthy and to release those items that no longer served me….boy….has it!)

Looking back over my previous Nine year cycles I can see that those were the years that I left jobs, divorced, lost someone I loved, moved and had other major life changes….and the benefit of being able to look BACK is that I can now see how they all served for my highest good. To move me OUT of a STUCK place, and into a place of creation!

With each year we also have cycles within cycles…kind of like waves that hit at 3 months after your birthday, a bigger wave at 6 months after your birthday, and a feeling things are starting to fall into place around 9 months after your birthday as you prepare for what will come for your next personal year.

To see what Personal year you are currently in…add your birth month plus your birth day plus the current year.  For example March 23 2017 would be 3 + 2 + 3 + 2 +0 + 1 + 7 = 18    1+8=9

Do not fear your Nine Year of Endings.  Release those things in your life that no longer serve you, no longer bring you joy as you prepare to enter your next amazing cycle!  Release the mantle of worrying about those things you can not control.   Give love to those beings in your life who may be wrapping up their time on our planet.  For your NEXT birthday will be a ONE year and a time of New Beginnings!

Affirmation:  I release and let go of those people, places, things, habits and desires that no longer serve my highest good.  I have completed my karmic obligation to them and I am now free!

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