How will the influence of our 2019 Universal Year 3 affect you in your personal cycle where your career is concerned? Read


We are only a few months into 2019 and already the overriding power of the Number 3 Universal Year is showing up consistently in the readings and charts I have prepared. ( 2+0+1+9 = 12     1+2= 3 UNIVERSAL YEAR)

Even for me, personally, the creative influence to write, to do readings is once again singing in my ear!  Although an individuals ‘Personal Year number 3’ may be about joy, fun and socialization…. The Universal influence of this number is about  speaking your truth in every situation! 

So let’s look at the Universal 3/Communicator energy as it relates to you individually in your Personal Year:

(at the end of this article I will tell you how to calculate your own Personal Year if you are not already familiar with the process)

ONE:  If you are currently in your ONE Personal Year of New Beginnings…you will find the influence of the Universal 3 year will give you opportunities to speak in ways you may not have considered, opening up new doors.  This can be great in business and looking at new ways to direct your career.  Consider saying YES more as those invites come in for networking opportunities.  You never know what prosperity that path may lead you too!

TWO: If you are in a TWO Personal Year of Relationships…the Universal 3 with be always whispering in your ear “SPEAK YOUR TRUTH” in the relationships! (this goes for love relationships, family, work, and networking) If you are interacting with another human being….you have an opportunity to look in your heart and speak your truth.  Extra patience encouraged to choose your words in such a way as to open communication instead of sending verbal barbs. Expect change to occur in relationships, especially at work.

THREE: As a THREE Personal Year of Creative Communication…you may find yourself very emotional this year, especially the first six months following your birthday.  Use that emotional energy to inspire you…write, paint, express yourself!  Just understand that there may be a little back lash from speaking your truth ( but the cosmic two-by-four is going to smack you in the back side and you will spill those unspoken words so be ready).   The Universal 3 especially highlights your communication with older family members.  You have an opportunity to let your creative juices flow where your career is involved!  Is there a way to inspire changes that uplift others, create community and inspire harmony in your work environment?

FOUR: As a FOUR Personal Year of Laying foundations and hard work you will be driven to look at your future, set up systems, watch your bank account and figure out ways to stretch that budget!  The Universal 3 overlay creates a time of introspection, especially as it relates to your ways of making an income.  It  may add a creative flare that says….do you have a plan?….is it deep enough?….do I have the stamina to do this on my own?  Give yourself mental breaks this year and some alone time.  Meditate, allow all those creative universal juices to marinate with the practical side of your personal year and you will create some productive building blocks for growing your income.

FIVE:  As a FIVE Personal Year of Transition/Movement/Travel expect changes this year!  It is a year where your personal freedom may be a big priority.  You may want a little more excitement in your life after your previous…hardworking year.  With a Five Personal Year and a Universal 3 influence, you are most likely to change jobs or locations.  Use the creative energy of the 3 to speak your truth and let them know you want a little more fun and variety at work! The creative changes your ideas have may bring you recognition in your industry circle.

SIX: As a SIX Personal Year of Family/Responsibility it will be important for you to maintain a sense of balance around you.  The right art work, wall colors, music, incense, candles….the right colors, smells and sounds…will help you stay anchored in this family focused year.  Use the influence of the Universal 3 to talk to your family about yours/their end of life wishes.  Be open with what you desire for that time with your parents/children. Ask them about their wishes.  It is never too early to have that conversation since none of us gets out of here alive! The influences for you this year show that family or personal health concerns may impact your work.

SEVEN: As a SEVEN Personal Year of Introspection,  you will find yourself needing more alone time.  Its important to communicate to those close to you that it is about you looking within…it is not about you withdrawing from them!  This is a good year to draw on that Universal 3 energy and take a class that will help deepen your spiritual path and/or add tools to your mental tool box that will help you in your career for the future.

EIGHT: As an EIGHT Personal Year of Achieving Goals/Recognition you have an opportunity to not only stand in your own POWER, but to also step up to lead in some way.  The power of the Universal 3 is that you will find the right words to get your message across to the many others that affect your financial path, those you follow and those you lead.  Others will listen to you in a way that will have beneficial ripple effects for you in your career if you remember to Stand in your Power and Speak your Truth.

NINE: A NINE Personal Year of Endings/Closure/Release will have you using the creative communication of the Universal 3 as a way to release those people, places, and things that no longer serve you.   It is a time to wrap up loose ends.  Are you in the job you dream of?  If not, be honest in your communication to your employer that it is time to leave but you will help them close out your position and prepare themselves for the next person.  It’s a time to let that relationship (love or work related) go on to their highest good.  It was fun while it lasted, now say good-by as next year you will be starting something new that will hang around for the next nine years and it will be creative and fun!

To find your Personal Year look at your birthday!  If you have NOT had your birthday yet in 2019 then you will add your MONTH + DAY + 2018….add together and reduce until you get one number. ( example August 6, 2018 was your last birthday and you have not had your birthday yet in 2019.  ADD…. 8 + 6 + 2+0+1+8 = 25…now to reduce  ADD  2 + 5 = 7 is your personal year.

If you have had your birthday already this year then repeat the process above only use 2019 instead of 2018.  (using our example of 8+6+2+0+1+9 = 26   reduce by adding the 2 + 6 = 8 is your personal year.

To dig deeper into your OWN Personal Year, contact me for a private reading.  Email:


Master Numerologist with over 30 years experience. I use an ancient form of numerology and cardology from The Order of the Magi to complete full and accurate charts.

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