Fine Tuning Your Radio Waves


Like music playing through your radio, our energetic bodies seek out another who is playing OUR song!  Sometimes, we tune in to a person and it’s like you can read each other’s thoughts as you silently sing the same song.

Then…… there are the others who are energetically play a tone that may feel like fingernails on a chalk board to your body.  Their volume dis-harmoniously wrecks havoc in the relationship as you each turn your music louder and louder.  Such is the power play of relationships… it lover, sibling, parent or co-worker.

Over the years, as I get to know someone and find that real-deep connection, their numerology/destiny chart answers the WHY of the connection.  Perhaps their birth-path is the same as mine, or maybe I am resonating my 22 – 11 – 22  Master numbers with those in their chart. Or maybe we are in the same Personal Year and facing the same challenges.  Whatever the case, I find myself explaining certain numerical connections by saying, to them “it’s like you have tuned in to the same radio station!”

Such was the case when I met a beautiful Soul that I now call my best friend.  Flash back about 8 years ago….I was in the healthcare industry and my boss told me I HAD to meet D.  ( He had told her the same thing about me, thinking that there may be some mutually beneficial business we could do together).  The moment I met D, I knew we were somehow on the same frequency, the tone rang out singing, “SHE IS FROM YOUR SOUL FAMILY”. Well, needless to say, that short business introduction turned into a two hour, very personal conversation that has led us on a wonderful journey together over the last 8 years.  Did I mention, she is 24 years younger than me!  But such an old soul!

Over the years I have done many calculations for her: job changes, relationship changes, her children’s numbers, looking at the challenges or opportunities of her personal year, etc. About 4 years ago, a young man caught her eye, and SHE caught HIS.  It happened to be at a party at my home.   At the time, having done charts for both of them, I knew they were not ready for each other.  Move forward 2 years, and the hand of Destiny guided them gently together.  By then, they were ready, ready for the intensity and passion the relationship would bring; ready for the work of digging deep within their own Souls and revealing their true self to another.

This year, for her birthday I gifted her with a Compatibility Numerology/Destiny Card Chart.

In all of the years I have prepared compatibility charts, I have to say this one made me the happiest to prepare.  Having watched the relationship develop for the last two years, and having a close relationship with both her and her honey, I already intuitively felt the connection the two of them had.  I was over the moon happy, as I was preparing the chart ( Ace of Spaces/7 birth path connection with 2 of Diamonds/5 birth path) to confirm their deep love connection.  Their Venus, Mars and Jupiter influences all pointed to a deep love carried over from past lives. Their strengths and weaknesses balance each other.  They have a way of bringing out the best in each other and creating a safe place for each of them to authentically be their selves. It was absolutely the BEST compatibility chart I have ever seen! (PLUS… I am an ecstatic Mama whose Best Friend is in love with my Son!)

The Song of your Soul is ever present.  JUST…..TUNE….IN



Master Numerologist with over 30 years experience. I use an ancient form of numerology and cardology from The Order of the Magi to complete full and accurate charts.

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