Peeling the Onion

As a Numerologist for over 30 years, it is hard for me to look at any situation without seeing below the multiple layers presented.  Much like peeling an onion, beneath the dry crispy shell lies a juicy, complex story that often brings tears.

As my clients become more and more comfortable digging through the layers, I often see them trying calculations of their own and excitedly calling me with their revelations!

One such client, D.T., has been a regular for over seven years.  It started simply enough, removing the crispy shell of the onion to review her Birth Path and the Life Cycle.  She wanted clarity on a work situation and the relationship she was in at the time.

As the years progressed, so too did the calculations; understanding her children’s Birth Path, should she or shouldn’t she pursue a certain relationship, job changes, home investments and on and on.

More recently we not only reviewed her relationship combination chart, but we also looked at the cycles of her Honey’s business relationships to see how it might affect her and his relationship, and how his business partner would be affected by some decisions her Love was contemplating. Big Life choice decisions.

The numbers reveal so very much, but it is always up to the individual to decide just ‘how to use the information revealed’.

Don’t be afraid to peel back the layers.



Master Numerologist with over 30 years experience. I use an ancient form of numerology and cardology from The Order of the Magi to complete full and accurate charts.

One thought on “Peeling the Onion”

  1. I have had my numbers read by Karen twice now. She is incredibly helpful in her experience and ability to interpret the findings. She makes it clear for me as I have no desire to become a numerologist but I certainly find the readings useful for making life decisions of my own. It is reassuring to find that life’s events are in a cycle and that I can have more insight, therefore, more choices in responding to life’s challenges regarding heath, relationship, employment and spiritual growth. Thank you, Karen, for your loving attention to my numbers!


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